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An excellent piece of folk-influenced black metal - 88%

drunk_folk_metal_guy, July 8th, 2004

What we have here is one fine slab of metal! Most fans of metal should be able to find at least something to like about this album. This band hails from Norway, and all of the singing is done in their native language. The excellent vocal performance on this CD is one of the many things to like about it. There are quite a few different type of voices to be heard on this album. Most of the time it's your standard black metal screech, but they manage to mix in a large amount of male and female clean vocals (especially in Valgalder) and even a deep death growl from time to time.

This band isn't going to blow anyone out of the water with amazing technical musicianship, but once you get passed that fact (if you are even a fan of that type of thing at all) the music is quite enjoyable. I mean there isn't much in the way of amazing guitar solos (although there is one at the end of the 5th track that is pretty fuckin good) but thats not really their style anyway. They do a SUPERB job of mixing the guitars, drums, bass, and keyboard with the folk elements such as the fiddle, accordian, and piano. Most of the songs keep a mid-paced tempo, that you can easily raise your glass too, or just rock the fuck out.

A great thing about this band that makes them appeal to people that aren't folk metal enthusiasts, is that they have a large folk influence, but it doesn't overshadow the black metal at all. The drummer pounds out plenty of double bass, and they use their guitars very effectivley to create a sound thats pretty goddamn heavy. What this creates is a sound that totally fucking rules! Why does it rule so much? The answer to this question is that it doesn't go to far in either direction, (although I am a huge fan of folk influenced music so that type of thing really doesn't bother me) it still retains a raw black metal sound, that meshes superbly with the folk elements. Just listen to the section in the 2nd track that comes in around 2:00 into it to see exactly what I mean.

The mood of most of the songs on the album is not incredibly dark and depressive, but not happy-happy folk metal. If your looking for songs to get shitfaced too, this isn't that bad but you should probably be listening to Moonsorrow or Finntroll for that type of thing. Although track 8 is a totally kick ass drinking song! It begins with a mix of a mid-paced guitar riff and some accordian, and carries it through most of the song, but it also kicks into a faster, more black metal-esque sounding riff that goes along great with the fiddle.

So I guess I could say this album has a little something for the fans of the heavier more extreme varieties of metal, but I wouldn't expect a kvlt necro black metal enthusiast to be overly impressed by this. If your a folk metal fan, pick this shit up now, as I write this you could be listening to it. As for your average metal listener, I'd say you would be making a good investment if you got this CD. It's a pretty unique style that makes for quite an enjoyable listen. Whether you want to explore your metal horizion with some different stuff, get drunk (I prefer this option), or just listen to some good fucking metal you won't be dissapointed with Hin Vordende Sod & So.