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This is a Godly, Folk Influenced Viking album. - 90%

Reaper, October 4th, 2004

AMAZING! This album surely took me by surprise. There are so many variations of sound contained within these 40+ minutes of Metal, than one cannot fully absorb it all, without listening to it more than a few times. The highly folk influenced melodies mixed with harsh, tenor, and female vocals are a perfect combination. The melody falls perfectly in line with the vocals and the instruments. At times the vocals alternate between the different styles and at times all of them can be heard in one coherent form, such as in the song “Til Rondefolkets Herskab,” which is also one of the highlights of the album.

From the very first song “Af Helvegum” the brutality persists until the album concludes with “Valgalder.” As I’ve said, the mixing of the different vocal styles is a very unique style and exceptionally executed. And you know what? They have violins! Orgasmic violin background melodies mixed with the dazzling vocal performance is one of the many aspects that make this release a standout album in the genre.

Many bands fail to capture the listener’s attention throughout the entire album, but this album pulls you in at the beginning and doesn’t let you go until it’s done with you because it’s dripping with uniqueness and originality in every song. Every song has something different to offer, while still holding true to the kickass style of using many different styles of vocals and melodic approaches. Ranging from harsh death styled vocals to female soprano vocals to sorrowful sounding female vocals to male tenor vocals to all of the vocals being mixed at once or any variations combined. The possibilities seem limitless with this band.

One example of this is the third track “Huldradans - Hin Grønnkledde” which starts off with somber female vocals and very simple acoustic guitars. The track is more of a rest stop for the brutality to come. Although the song is simpler and calmer, it still offers a similar an exclusive experience due to the beautifully performed female vocals. The other side of the spectrum is the song “Over Ægirs vidstragte Sletter,” which is perhaps the most brutal song on the album along with “Efterbyrden.”

“Efterbyrden” is a perfect example of how this album varies in sound. While the drums are raping your ears with the insane speed and brutality a violin solo can be heard in the background. The Death metal vocalist offers perfect range. The Death Metal vocals, which are prevalent throughout most of the album, are not monotonous; hence do not hinder the song’s quality.

Another highlight of the album is track 8, “Op af Bisterlitjernet.” Death Metal vocals, mixed with high Black Metal shrieks insane drumming, violin background melodies and great guitar work. What more could you ask for? This song, along with “Vargr i Véum - Eilivs Bane” are the epitomes and best representations of the album.

The best track, if for the ending alone, is "Blodhevn." The entire song is filled with highly influenced folk melodies, but the last minute or so, is godly. The folk styled vocals are beyond desricption. You'll have to hear it to believe it, as they'll leave to speachless.

This album is a must hear, as albums of this caliber are hard to come by. Bands come and go, without being noticed, but this band will surely persevere due to its uniqueness and powerful song structures. I see a bright future for these talented musicians and hope for more albums of this quality. Get this album for the Viking Gods command you.