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Lunar Aurora

Release date:
November 1996
Catalog ID:
VP 001
Voices Productions
2 reviews (avg. 96%)
1. Grabgesänge 07:51   Show lyrics
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2. Rebirth of an Ancient Empire 08:13   Show lyrics
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3. Flammende Male 07:02   Show lyrics
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4. Into the Secrets of the Moon 06:47   Show lyrics
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5. Schwarze Rosen 06:21   Show lyrics
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6. Conqueror of the Ember Moon 10:30   Show lyrics
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Aran Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Whyrhd Vocals, Bass
Biil Keyboards
Nathaniel Drums
Read Blaze of the Moon like... 99% Wilytank September 16th, 2014
Read Underapprecited Symphonic... 93% dmerritt July 13th, 2003

Re-released for US market by Mercenary Musik.
Re-released by Cold Dimensions in 2007 with different artwork and including the bonus track "Wanderer des Feuermondes".

Album title translation (from German): Wanderer of worlds [Welt = world; Gänger ≈ walker/wanderer]
Song title translations (from German):
1. Dirges/Funeral songs
3. Flaming marks
5. Black roses


Barcode: 4006759746349

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