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I Shalt Become

Release date:
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9 reviews (avg. 82%)
Side A
1. Intro 01:33   instrumental
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2. Fragments 04:16   Show lyrics
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3. The Funeral Rain 03:13   Show lyrics
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4. Winter Lights 06:50   Show lyrics
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5. Paintings in a Gallery 02:53   Show lyrics
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6. Labyrinthine 02:57   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Thorns 02:56   Show lyrics
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8. Insects 04:06   Show lyrics
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9. Her Demons 04:32   Show lyrics
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10. A Once Great Man 03:11   Show lyrics
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11. Outro 01:59   instrumental
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Band members
S. Holliman All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
Miscellaneous staff
S. Holliman Recording
S. Holliman All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
S. Holliman Recording
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Originally released as the band's third demo-tape in 1998.

Xeroxed cover.

Recording information:

Recorded June/July 1996.

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