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Заревом над прахом


Release date:
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5 reviews (avg. 91%)
Side A
1. Звоном молотов зови 07:42   Show lyrics
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2. Холодом знанья злом возданья 08:17   Show lyrics
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Side B
3. Лютой стуже 16:51   Show lyrics
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4. Тьма 11:41   Show lyrics
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Translation of the title: Like a Blaze Above the Ashes.

Not to be mistaken with the Czech Forest, who has a demo that some sites list as having this album's tracklisting.

Tracklist in English:
1. By the Roar of Hammers Call
2. With All the Coldness of Knowledge, with All the Cruelty of Requital
3. To the Fiercest Frost
4. Obscurity

Recording information:

Tape recorded in 1997 at Blazebirth Hall.

Added by: Alastor666 Modified by: Sang Dalang Abu
Added on: 2005-02-09 04:14:04 Last modified on: 2018-05-14 09:26:40