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Rundagor > Stronghold of Ruins
Rundagor - Stronghold of Ruins
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Stronghold of Ruins


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
10 copies
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
Side A
1. Unmalicious Satan Son 03:19   Show lyrics
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2. Taking Wings Away to Silence 04:21   Show lyrics
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3. Stained by Torture 03:03   Show lyrics
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4. Stronghold of Ruin 08:19   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Reflection Thru Eternal Battles 07:33   Show lyrics
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6. In Wrath of Rewarding 10:00   Show lyrics
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7. Woundprink's 05:13   Show lyrics
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8. Sowing with Sparks 02:02   Show lyrics
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Wizard Drums
Dagorath Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Lyrics
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Distributed by Hungry AK-47 Productions.

There is also additional text in the booklet entitled "Sparkling Sleep - By All-Burning", but it doesn't belong to any of the songs; rather, it is a final passage of text included in the album.

Tape comes with one-sided 3-panel J-card printed on laser printer (not xeroxed) on coated paper.
Original cassette distributed by label comes on a dubbed tape (Konica XR-I 60 or 90) with a sticker of the band's logo pasted on the upper part of a shell.
Due to the early break of a deal (by the label), a very limited number of J-cards and stickers were printed. The label dubbed and spread only about 5 cassettes. The band was given 5 or even 3 sets of stickers and J-cards. There is no information with what type of cassettes these sets were used by band. The label recognizes only these about 10 copies as marked with Hungry AK-47 Productions logo rightfully. Any tape without sticker and with xeroxed J-card doesn't have anything to do with Hungry AK-47 Productions.

Recording information:

Recorded in Summer '96.

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