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Reckoning Night

Sonata Arctica

Release date:
October 11th, 2004
Catalog ID:
NB 1315-2, 27361 13152
Version desc.:
Nuclear Blast
19 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Misplaced 04:42   Show lyrics
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2. Blinded No More 05:33   Show lyrics
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3. Ain't Your Fairytale 05:26   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night... 03:21   instrumental
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5. Don't Say a Word 05:49   Show lyrics
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6. The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Real Puppet 04:44   Show lyrics
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7. My Selene 05:28   Show lyrics
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8. Wildfire 04:36   Show lyrics
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9. White Pearl, Black Oceans... 08:47   Show lyrics
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10. Shamandalie 04:04   Show lyrics
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Includes an unlisted hidden track titled "Jam" (2:01).

The unlisted eleventh track (track twelve on the Japanese version) is a jammed Flamenco-style tune.

Videoclips made for:
-"Don't Say a Word"

Recording information:

All music and lyrics by Tony Kakko except for "My Selene" by Jani Liimatainen.
All music arrangements by Sonata Arctica.
All vocals arrangement by Tony Kakko.

Mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios, June 2004.


Barcode: 727361131524

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