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Det som engang var


Release date:
August 20th, 1993
Catalog ID:
EYE 001
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Cymophane Records
950 copies
18 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Den onde kysten 02:20   instrumental
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2. Key to the Gate 05:10   Show lyrics
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3. En ring til aa herske 07:09   Show lyrics
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4. Lost Wisdom 04:38   Show lyrics
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5. Han som reiste 04:50   instrumental
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6. Naar himmelen klarner 03:50   instrumental
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7. Snu mikrokosmos tegn 09:36   Show lyrics
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8. Svarte troner 02:16   Show lyrics
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Band members
Greifi Grishnackh All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Miscellaneous staff
Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Cover art
Count Grishnackh Producer
Pytten Producer
Greifi Grishnackh All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Cover art
Count Grishnackh Producer
Pytten Producer
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Det som engang var is Norwegian for "What Once Was."
English translation of Norwegian titles:
1. The Coast of Evil
3. One Ring to Rule
5. He Who Wandered
6. When the Sky Clears
7. Turn the Sign of the Microcosm
8. Black Thrones

The cover art, just like the one of Burzum, was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons adventure module The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Working title of the record was På svarte troner, but this was changed before the album was officially released.

Several bootlegs are circulating with the following matrix code:
-DURECO (01) EYE001 (close to the genuine matrix but () instead [] and EYE001 instead EYE 001)
-dureco [01] eye 001 (lowercase text)

Det som engang var 12" LP limited to 1000 copies on black wax. Inner sleeve has lyrics, picture, etc. Comes with poster. Released by Misanthropy Records.

Re-released on CD by Somber Music (SM 020). Licensed from Misanthropy Records. Unknown year.

Recording information:

Recorded at Grieghallen Studios, April 1992 (before the Aske EP, although Aske was released first).


Matrix / Runout: DURECO [01] EYE 001
Rights Society (CD): biem/n©b
Rights Society (Booklet & Rear): n©b

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