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Crucifer > Sickly Divine
Crucifer - Sickly Divine
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The World Dies (1989-1999)

Sickly Divine


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Wild Rags Records
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1. Soul Within  
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2. No Color  
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3. Deity in Black  
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4. Sickly Divine  
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5. Green with Envy  
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6. Left Hand Path  
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7. Destruction  
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8. Mirrors  
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9. Heart in Hand  
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10. Grace  
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11. Laughing as I Suffer  
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12. Winter  
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Jeff Riddle Vocals (lead), Drums
Brian Ronquest Guitars, Vocals
Steve Snyder Bass, Vocals
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- According the band, this CD was never released (quoting Jeff Riddle):

"That CD never was finished or released. It was to have 8-9 songs on it. We
first were going to make a concept album called The Pharaohs' Curse. We were not fully focused or getting along to well at this time so we scraped it.
Then we tried again and wrote some more songs and was going to call it
Sickly Divine Having the same focus problems and not agreeing on the
direction of the band, we scraped that as well.

About a year later me and my guitar player Brian pieced some of the recorded material together and released The World Dies. The first six songs were some of the material from those two never released recordings."

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