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Pulsating Anus

Release date:
May 2008
Catalog ID:
4 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. Headlock Apocalypse 01:08  
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2. Making Hot, Sweet, Juicy Love to a Cubscout 00:27  
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3. You Fingered Your Cousin, Terry, Thats a Fuckin' Fact! 00:15  
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4. Public Fingersniff 00:29  
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5. More Like Starship... Poopers 00:31  
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6. Barf in Your Ass 01:20  
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7. Butt Trencher 00:40  
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8. Pussy 00:45  
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9. The Anus That Swallowed Manhattan 01:18  
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Band members
Total Dick Guitars
The Wretch Drums
Universal Pulverizer Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Jackson Black Logo
Read My butthole is clenching 83% BlackMetal213 April 26th, 2016
Read I was raped and I enjoyed it 94% MegaHassan February 26th, 2009
Read WAH WAH WAAAAH WAAAH 90% overkill666 November 16th, 2008
Read My Anus Hath Pulsated 95% GODDOGGODDOG November 7th, 2008

Distributed for free online and on approximately 20 burned CDs at their first show. Every physical copy had something different written on the CD.

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