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Holy Mother > Tabloid Crush
Holy Mother - Tabloid Crush
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Toxic Rain

Tabloid Crush

Holy Mother

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Cream Records
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1. Spit 02:54   Show lyrics
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2. In the Gutter 04:06   Show lyrics
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3. Electric Love 03:02   Show lyrics
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4. Yesterday 04:39   Show lyrics
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5. Disconnected 03:32   Show lyrics
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6. Machine World 03:54   Show lyrics
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7. Time of the Season 03:27  
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8. Hole in the Sky 04:45   Show lyrics
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9. Shoot the News 02:46   Show lyrics
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10. Spanish Skies 04:53   Show lyrics
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11. Prince of the Garden 04:22   Show lyrics
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Mike Tirelli Vocals
Spike Francis Guitars
Randy Coven (R.I.P. 2014) Bass
Jim Harris Drums
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The Holy Mother lineup changed their name for this one album to N.O.W., releasing it under that moniker, and soon reverting back to the name Holy Mother (same lineup).

Japanese edition bonus tracks:
12. Yesterday (Single Edit) (03:54)
13. Spanish Skies (Single Edit) (03:44)


Barcode: 4005902400923

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