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Necrovore > Divus de Mortuus
Necrovore - Divus de Mortuus
Necrovore discography (demos)
Demo 1988
Necrovore discography (all)
Demo 1988

Divus de Mortuus


Release date:
March 1987
Catalog ID:
11 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. Mutilated Death 04:41   Show lyrics
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2. Slaughtered Remains 04:10   Show lyrics
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3. Divus de Mortuus 03:28   Show lyrics
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4. Toxic Decay 05:18   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ross Stone Bass
Jon DePlachett Guitars, Vocals
Scott Humphrey Guitars
Scott Staffney Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Walter Carter Mixing
Ross Stone Bass
Jon DePlachett Guitars, Vocals
Scott Humphrey Guitars
Scott Staffney Drums
Walter Carter Mixing
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One of the world's most bootlegged demos. Appeared on 12" vinyl picture disc with Sarcofago's Christ's Death demo as well as countless cds and a bootleg split with the demos from Incubus (US) and Morbid Angel.

In 1988, the band rerecorded these songs in a more professional studio, but very few copies of this recording were made and were only provided to those close to the band.

Recording information:

Recorded at Blasphena Studio.

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