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Order from Chaos > Stillbirth Machine
Order from Chaos - Stillbirth Machine
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Stillbirth Machine

Order from Chaos

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Wild Rags Records
5 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. The Edge of Forever 07:09   Show lyrics
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2. Power Elite 04:45   Show lyrics
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3. Iconoclasm Conquest 02:35   Show lyrics
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4. Forsake Me This Mortal Coil 05:11   Show lyrics
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5. Stillbirth Machine 07:33   Show lyrics
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6. Blood and Thunder 04:02   Show lyrics
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7. As the Body Falls Away 04:09   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mike Miller Drums
Chuck Keller Guitars
Pete Helmkamp Vocals, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
H. R. Giger (R.I.P. 2014) Artwork
Chuck Keller Producer
Mike Miller Drums
Chuck Keller Guitars
Pete Helmkamp Vocals, Bass
H. R. Giger (R.I.P. 2014) Artwork
Chuck Keller Producer
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Read Declaration of CHAOS 90% blackthrash84 July 8th, 2009
Read Blood and Thunder! 99% UncleMeat May 21st, 2009
Read Brutal, raw black/death 79% CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 February 27th, 2008
Read Prepare for annihilation 97% chaossphere September 16th, 2003

In the 1993 Decapitated Records MC/CD/LP release on the back of the booklet/sleeve there is a "Warning" note about the bootlegging of this particular album by the notorious Wild Rag Records.

However, the band considers the Wild Rags release to be more legitimate than the Decapitated Records release despite both, in essence, being bootlegs. This was confirmed in an interview as follows: "Because at least Wild Rags released the format we designed. Technically, because they dropped us in November 1992, they had no right to release the album at all, but since they had no intention of holding to their word and send back to us the layouts and DATs, there was nothing we could do. The Decapitated version looks nothing like what we designed for them in the spring of 1993 (which was completely different from the Wild Rags version). So, as far as we are concerned, it is a bootleg. From misspelled names to words omitted from the songtitles, the Decapitated has many marks of a rank amateur".
Link for confirmation:

The intro to "The Edge of Forever" (a.k.a. "Aion") and "Stillbirth Machine" contain samples from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and "Aion" is sample from "Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs & Orchestra" by Gy├Ârgy Ligeti, Hungarian Jewish composer of contemporary classical music.

Recording information:

Recorded in 1991, the album wasn't released until 1993 and even then without the permission of the band.


Barcode: 718971003028
Matrix / Runout (Mirrored): DISC MFG, INC (A) W.0 # 70886-1 CSCD-5709

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