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Sonata Arctica > Winterheart's Guild
Sonata Arctica - Winterheart's Guild
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Winterheart's Guild

Sonata Arctica

Release date:
March 17th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Spinefarm Records
16 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited 05:37   Show lyrics
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2. Gravenimage 06:58   Show lyrics
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3. The Cage 04:38   Show lyrics
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4. Silver Tongue 03:58   Show lyrics
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5. The Misery 05:09   Show lyrics
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6. Victoria's Secret 04:43   Show lyrics
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7. Champagne Bath 03:58   Show lyrics
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8. Broken 05:17   Show lyrics
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9. The Ruins of My Life 05:14   Show lyrics
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10. Draw Me 05:06   Show lyrics
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Band members
Tony Kakko Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
Jani Liimatainen Guitars
Marko Paasikoski Bass
Tommy Portimo Drums
Jens Johansson Keyboards (lead) (tracks 3, 4, 6, 7)
Miscellaneous staff
Ahti "Eisaasuuttua" Kortelainen Recording
Tony Kakko Art direction
Mikko "Vsop" Karmila Mixing
Mika "Äitee Kävi" Jussila Mastering
Janne "Puussa Asuva" Pitkänen Artwork
Toni Härkönen Photography
Eric Philippe Logo
Tony Kakko Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
Jani Liimatainen Guitars
Marko Paasikoski Bass
Tommy Portimo Drums
Jens Johansson Keyboards (lead) (tracks 3, 4, 6, 7)
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Japanese & Korean bonus track:
9. The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me (04:22) (Inserted between "Broken" and "The Ruins of My Life")

South American bonus track:
12. Fade to Black (Metallica cover) (05:43)

Certain versions have several minutes of silence at the end of Draw Me, bringing the total running time to 55:00

Videoclips made for:

Recording information:

Produced by Sonata Arctica.
Recorded at Tico Tico Studio between September-November 2002.
Mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios between November-December 2002.


Barcode: 0 044006 722320

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