Release date Label Catalog ID Format Description
September 28th, 1993 Noise Records N 0203-2 CD
September 28th, 1993 Noise Records N 0203-1 12" vinyl
September 28th, 1993 Noise Records N0203-4 Cassette
1993 (Unofficial) Barock Music Cassette
1993 Futurist 9086-11034-2 CD
1993 Rock Brigade Records RBR 650 12" vinyl
1993 Rock Records RMDD-018 CD
1993 Rock Records RMDC-018 Cassette
1993 Seoul Records SRCD-2094 CD
1993 Seoul Records SIPC-051 Cassette
July 7th, 1993 Victor VICP-5267 CD Japan
1996 (Unofficial) Angel's of Hell Records 240 Cassette
1996 Metal Mind Productions CLAS 0074 Cassette
1996 (Unofficial) Спюрк N 02032 MPO 01 @@ 12 CD
March 1st, 1996 Victor VICP-5696 CD Japan, Reissue, Limited edition
1997 (Unofficial) Moon Records Cassette
1998 F.A.D. Records N 0203-2ux CD
1998 Victor VICP-64356 CD Japan
2000 (Unofficial)
(titled "Insanity and Genius / Rebellion in Dreamland")
Agat Company A-GR93 CD
2001 (Unofficial) Monsters of Rock Records MOFR 0003 CD
(titled "Insanity & Genius")
Noise Records N03562 CD Remastered, Digipak
(titled "Insanity & Genius")
Sauron Music CD Remastered, Slipcase
April 24th, 2002
(titled "Insanity & Genius")
Victor VICP-61805 CD Japan, Reissue, Remastered, Digipak
2004 Союз N02032 CD
2005 Noise Records N03952 CD
2007 Noise Records NMRCD032 CD
(titled "Insanity and Genius / Land of the Free")
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD509 2CD Remastered
(titled "Insanity and Genius / Land of the Free")
Союз COOKCD509 2CD
May 3rd, 2016
(titled "Insanity and Genius (Anniversary Edition)")
Ward Records GQCS-90164 2CD Japan, Reissue, Remastered, Deluxe edition, Digipak
May 6th, 2016
(titled "Insanity and Genius (Anniversary Edition)")
earMUSIC 0210838EMU 2CD