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Link 20th M-A Reviews Challenge: 4th - 10th Dec 2017 / 2017-12-02 13:10

Holy shit, we've reached 20!

The classic MA Virgin Reviews Challenge is back, and just as we reach the end of what has been a wild year!

This challenge is a time-honored tradition among our reviewers here. Every winter and every summer reviewers are encouraged to spend a week writing and submitting as many quality reviews as possible... with the aim to focus on albums with no reviews so far (ie. virgin albums). Every day, the reviews submitted and accepted are tallied, so that participants can see how they compare with one another and whether or not, altogether, we've been able to surpass previous challenges' totals. There's no prizes or rewards except knowing that you've given a review to an album that didn't previously have one. There's also bragging rights for the most reviews, if that matters to you. Please read this thread for the rules and to discuss the challenge!

The challenge starts at 12:00 AM EST on Monday December 4th and runs until 11:59PM EST on Sunday December 10th.

Everyone is welcome to participate - all you have to do is submit reviews as usual.

Looking forward to your participation! \m/