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Link New features / 2012-11-30 12:37

A few new features have been deployed today:

  • Labels by country: this was requested a good while ago, and I finally got around to it.
  • I've also slightly revamped the left menu alongside with this new link to make it look tidier.
  • There is now an autocomplete helper when adding external links.
  • A Years active field to document a band's various periods of activity: years of formation, disbanding, reunions, name changes, and so on.
For contributors, please see the help page for more information on how to correctly enter this data (with examples for various cases). Note that we are also keeping the old "year of formation" field, as this field is used for advanced search purposes, and is also not necessarily the same year as the first year in the band's history (for bands that changed names, for instance).