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Link Some new user settings / 2012-03-02 23:47

We added some new preferences/settings under "my profile" (settings tab). To summarize:

  • Default discography tab: Some people find long-ass discographies to be an eyesore, so we've added a way to change the default tab being shown. The default setting is still the complete tab, so you don't need to change it if you like things the way they are.

  • Hide my profile information: name, age, email, etc. For example, some people wanted the possibility of displaying their email address, but only to logged users. This setting will allow them to do that. The rest of their info (submitted bands, reviews, etc.) will always remain public for obvious reasons.

  • Private collection: requested by a few people; if you want to use the site to build your collection but don't want unsolicited trade requests, you can use that.

Obviously, those options are only available to logged users. And we will add more settings eventually.