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Link Veterans and Trusted Users / 2011-04-13 18:25

You may have noticed that we have made some slight changes to the ranking system.

Since v2, the points thresholds for the ranks of Veterans, Metal Freaks and Metal Demons have increased to 1000, 5000, and 15000 respectively. This is because with the new version, with the artist and label pages, getting new points is easier than ever.

Don't worry, though; all users who formerly carried the ranks in v1 but didn't have the currently required points have had their score "bumped". So if you were a Veteran with 613 points, for example, your score has now been raised to 1000 and you retain your access. (You may need to re-login to see the changes.)

The most important change, however, is the addition of a new category of rank: "trusted" users. In v1, there was no difference between Veteran, Metal Freak and Metal Demon, but now, there is a slight difference. Metal Freaks and Metal Demons fall under the "Trusted" category.
Trusted users have the following additional permissions from Veterans (previously limited to moderators): they can now edit label names, artist names, and album titles; they can delete tracks from albums; and they can add albums to bands with locked discographies.

So this message is addressed to all our long-lasting contributors: enjoy your new permissions, but use them wisely. With the modification history tracking, you are 100% accountable for your actions, and any abuse of these additional permissions will have consequences. Remember: with great power, comes great responsibility. ;)