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Link Welcome! / 2011-04-09 02:23

Welcome to the long-awaited version 2.0 of the Encyclopaedia Metallum.

This site will be migrated to our domain name,, in a few days, but it's fully functional, so please use it as you normally would. All changes made to this database will be preserved.

Please note that we are still testing out this new server, so performance might not be optimal just yet. We will work out all the performance tweaks during the next few days.

There are many new exciting features for v2, and listing them all would be tedious and futile, so please take some time to revisit the new HELP PAGE when dealing with new features such as labels, artists, or even the new and improved search engine, which is more powerful than ever.

This site has been through several days of beta testing, and should be fairly stable, but it's possible that a few bugs still remain. Should you encounter any, please post here.

We're very proud to present this new site and we hope you continue enjoying and enriching our ever-growing database.