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Link "Bandwidth exceeded" error / 2011-03-25 11:25

Many of you have surely noticed that the site was down again for a while yesterday, with the message "bandwidth limit exceeded". The situation is nearly too ridiculous to explain. The fact is that our host moved us to a new server following the hardware problems of the previous day, but he apparently forgot to set the bandwidth limit correctly, resulting in a tiny limit that was busted in less than a day. That sounds simple enough to fix, you might say, and I would agree, but for reasons unknown it took many hours for the host to react to our messages and actually resolve the issue.

We apologize profusely for the trouble and hopefully that will be the end of our server problems.

Or nearly the end, please note that our e-mail accounts are still unavailable, so hold on on sending anything to addresses. Please use the forums for any site-related questions. The sending of registration e-mails and forum notifications should work as normal now, though.

EDIT: Actually, there are still intermittent issues with e-mails sent from the server.