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Link Some news / 2008-11-03 22:56

Good news, everyone. As you have probably realized, the switch to the new server was successful. The new machine has been handling the site's load quite well over the past week and the real site search is back to (hopefully) stay.

Oddly enough, a few people have said to actually prefer the Google search, so I have added a "Google" option to the search drop-down, if for some unfathomable reason you still want to use it and are too lazy to actually go to Google.

Also, I will now be disabling image uploads for some time while we transfer the images from the image server to the new site server. This will take a couple of days I expect, sorry for the inconvenience.

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who has supported the site and made it possible for us to get this bad-ass server (two quad-core CPUs and 12 GBs of RAM, for the curious).