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Link IMPORTANT - Server migration / 2008-10-24 13:54

Hopefully the last one in a long, long time - this is a real deal.

If you remember the story about the senior technician who had basically saved our site from our crappy host back in late December/early January (news posts here), well, you can know that for this whole time we have been with him, and you certainly noticed the site being far more stable than it used to be. We were on a sort of semi-dedicated server hosted by this guy, instead of the crappy old shared hosting.

Still, it was not entirely satisfactory. The downtimes were rarer but still annoying, and the old search still kills the site within minutes whenever we try to put it back for everyone.

So we are finally taking the step to go on a very powerful, fully-dedicated server with better support. The migration should be finished today, but in the meantime, the site may suffer from downtime or SQL or PHP errors and the likes. If this happens, don't worry, they will be fixed ASAP. Also there is always the matter of DNS propagation (see the link earlier, it mentions how to flush your DNS cache), so if the site goes down, it may take longer to reappear back to you depending on your location.

About the search: you must realize that the old search was, unfortunately, a complete resource hog that can easily paralyse even a powerful server. It is also very difficult to optimize it further without compromising some of its features. We're hoping the new one can hold its own against the onslaught of traffic, but we cannot know for certain until we test it.

Once again, thank you for your patience and comprehension, and thank you again to everyone who donated or helped us through the affiliation links.