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Link Affiliates update / 2007-11-29 22:54

By now you've no doubt noticed the new merchant links appearing on the site: Amazon, eBay, and I'm sure everyone knows Amazon and eBay; not the most underground stores, to be sure, but they do have a huge selection of metal albums. is a marketplace-type site, that sellers from around the world can use to sell stuff online without having to maintain a webstore. They also have quite a few metal releases, including some very rare ones, though the prices do vary in affordability.

We've had a few requests from other stores wanting to be featured on the site, so I'll give a few notes about that here. The main thing is that you will need to have an affiliation program set up in order to have your store appear in our merchant links on the bands and releases pages. This would include tracking of sales coming from this site, a payment system, and hopefully some reporting features. Not everyone has the means to develop that, so there are companies specialized in the matter that can save you most of the work by integrating their software on your site. A big one I know of is Commission Junction; eBay uses them, along with a lot of other stores, though I'm not sure what their terms are. There are a lot more out there too, though remember that your software must allow payments to Canada (payments in USD is fine, even preferred since we pay our host in USD): some of them require an European bank account, for example, so that wouldn't work.

Feedback on this new feature has generally been positive, and stats indicate it is very popular, but in case anyone really can't stand those links I just added an option to the profile page to hide them when you're logged in.