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Link "Buy their stuff" / 2007-11-22 01:27

You might notice a new section on some band pages entitled "buy their stuff" (just under the additional notes). This section will contain, as you might expect, links to sites selling merchandise related to the band in question. How is this different from the merch links users can already add? Well, these links will be to sites running affiliate programs that we are members of, i.e. we will be getting a cut on each sale referred from here. Is this selling out? We hope it is actually a useful feature for people wanting to buy albums and merchandise from their favorite bands, and an easily ignored one for the others. We will definitely keep the links discreet and far less obnoxious than banners, pop-ups and the like. The goal with this is mainly to get funds to pay hosting costs and especially to get a new powerful server for the still upcoming MA version 2 (yes, that is still seriously being worked on; no, I can't give you a release date). Thank you very much to everyone who donated money to us, but as we rather expected from the start, the donations slowed down to a tiny trickle after the first month and this is unfortunately not reliable enough to base monthly expenses on.

We will be adding other stores in the coming weeks and months, but for now we started with just one, namely They sell mainly metal shirts (and a few CDs and DVDs), for a small variety of bands of different genres and popularity, from Iron Maiden to Nattefrost. They also have a bunch of horror movie t-shirts, if anyone's interested.