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Link Back... for now / 2007-04-03 01:04

So it seems that the problems of old, pre-migration days, are happening again - just as we came back from the March bandwidth cycle. Coincidence? I think not, but our hosts seem to think that there is no link between the two. Nevermind that the site had been running flawlessly fast in the past three months or so and now, suddenly, the server can't take it anymore... go figure.

In any case, we're currently getting help (not much from our host, ironically, but from a helpful third party) to investigate what causes all these ghastly performance problems and constant database errors. We thought to never see them again since the migration but apparently we were wrong, so we're back on it.

In the meantime, search is disabled - it has been made clear that it was having a significant impact on the server load, so for the time being we'll replace it a Google search. Not quite t same functionality-wise, but better than nothing, surely.

Oh yes, we are seriously considering receiving donations now, after getting so many comments about that. ;) Stay tuned.