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Link For the 1232543th time... / 2005-05-12 23:04

To whom it may concern,

Please stop submitting bands who do not have a discography. If the band has not released anything, even if it's recorded, even if it's coming out real soon, even if it's coming out tomorrow, don't submit it.

It's preferable to add at least one release to the discography before completing the submission, but a link to a website with significant evidence of the band's discography may work. On the other hand, make sure this link is valid, and note that any submission with neither a release nor a link is systematically rejected. So if you screwed up in your submission or if your browser fucked up and you could not complete it, don't panic, just locate your band in the submission queue and report the information that didn't make it through the first time.

I am not saying anything new here, just a reminder of our rules. It's not hard to read the rules, people. If you don't read them, you will have wasted your time because your submission will be rejected, and you will have alienated the staff. You will also alienate other users who do respect the rules and have to wait longer for the queue to get processed.


PS: This, of course, does not apply to every member. Many thanks to those who use the submission feature correctly, this message is not addressed to you.