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Link Metal Archives Firefox Search Plugin! / 2005-02-24 13:50

Good news to the Mozilla Firefox users! (If you aren't, I strongly recommend you become one, it beats the shit out of any Internet Explorer version. Trust me, you will never go back. Unless you suck.) A very cool guy (many thanks, omen!) created a Search Plugin for Metal Archives. Which means that once you install it and restart your browser, your little search toolbar in the top right corner of your window will allow you to search bands directly to Metal Archives from anywhere.

Unfortunately, because of our lousy frame (we're working on getting rid of it for something better...), the left menu will not appear, only the band page - or search results, if there is more than one match. But it's still a nifty feature for quickly accessing band information or discography.

You can download and install the plugin at this website (pops a new window). You can choose to install it automatically or manually. Also, for our Norwegian users, there are other search plugins available for some Norwegian websites, in case anyone is interested.


Addendum 2005/10/02: I was told there are many more search plugins to be found here. Interesting.