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Link Review rules / 2006-09-10 23:43

The review rules have been slightly edited.

Please take note of #7 - track-by-track reviews are generally frowned upon and have higher chances of being rejected. Check the review forum for tips about writing better reviews.


Link Metalcore bands, part 3545436 / 2006-09-08 00:34

It has recently come to my attention that dubious bands claiming to be "metalcore" keep plaguing the site, despite some efforts to ward them off.

The rules have officially been updated to reflect the policy about metalcore bands. The following section has been added to the list of bands to avoid submitting:

"Metalcore, unless it's clearly more metal than core (e.g Shadows Fall, The Red Chord, Mastodon are OK: Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine are NOT). If you are uncertain, best avoid submitting metalcore bands altogether."

Note that it's possible that you find suspicious bands that should not be here. If you think a band falls under this category, you may report it through the usual channels. There are around 500 results for "metalcore" at the moment so the staff may not know about them all. That is no reason, however, to hysterically flag every band found under a search for "metalcore". Please be reasonable.

Thank you.


Link Side-projects / 2006-08-14 23:27

Wow, two news posts in one day!

It has recently been brought to my attention that the site is plagued with submissions of "bedroom" side-projects, with only a MySpace page or maybe a CD-R limited to 10 copies. The site's primary focus being actual metal bands, it has become increasingly troublesome to deal with other projects barely anyone is interested in. The mod team has hence devised an additional rule for the submission of side-projects: the band in question must have at least one release on a label with worldwide distribution. We hope this will help reduce the number of irrelevant submissions.

N.B. Of course this new rule does not apply to metal bands.


Link New Forum: For Musicians / 2006-08-14 18:45

Due to popular request, we have set up a new forum for musicians. So if you want to discuss instruments and equipment, playing tips, recording, tabs, or whatever musician-related topic, use this forum.
You can also use this forum to seek out new band members, or to post samples of your work for others to evaluate, if you want (but that doesn't mean spamming and advertising is allowed).


Link Caching / 2006-05-18 22:49

In an effort to improve server performance, I have implemented a basic caching system for the band pages and the home page. For this reason, you might notice (if you are very observant) that there's a slight lag in the main page updates, as the page now refresh every minute instead of being in real time. This might seem silly, but it actually saves hundreds of queries to the database. The band pages don't have such a lag as their cache is refreshed whenever an update is made.

On the plus side, the stats at the top are back... if anyone cares.


Link Important: bug in reports / 2006-02-28 14:57

There was a bug in the report submission, triggered recently. It was not noticeable, and all submitted reports seemed to go through as usual, but in truth, they didn't.

The bug has been fixed, and now reports are working again. However, if you have sent a report within the last few days (around a week or so from today), and the correction you requested has not been made, please resubmit your report. Feel free to mention if this is a re-submission if you are not sure it has been lost or not.

I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience - this bug was completely internal and transparent and so it took us some time to notice it.
Thank you for your comprehension.


Link Opera search plugin / 2006-02-16 19:50

Once again omen created a nifty tool for Metal Archives: an Opera search plugin. It works with Opera 8.x and higher.

The plugin is not as easy to install as Firefox's (what can I say, Firefox is just the better browser ;) ), so here are the instructions.

*** If you use Opera 9.x or higher:
1- Rightclick in the search field and choose "Create search";
1- Go to Preferences -> Search -> Add
2- Put this in the URL field: ;
3- Give the name/keyboard shortcut you want.

*** If you have a lower version, and you do NOT have custom search plugins already,

1- Right-click this URL and select "save target as" :;
2- Save it in X:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\ overwriting the one already there.

*** If, however, you DO have custom searches, here is how to add it:

1- Close all running instances of Opera;
2- Open C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\search.ini or just search for it (replace C: with your drive and {username} with your own, obviously);
3- Add this to the bottom of the file:

[Search Engine 35]
Name=Metal-Archives Band Search
Is post=0
Has endseparator=0
Search Type=0

4- Replace "Search Engine 35" with one number higher than the last one in the file (e.g., if the one above has 16 you will use 17). Also make sure there are no linebreaks or blank spaces after the last character in the file.
5- Save and close the file, restart Opera.

All done! Thanks again to omen for his cool plugins.


Link Miasma Interview in English! / 2006-01-12 23:43

With permission from the Miasma magazine editors (see the previous news post), we are now making the interview available online, as the print issue has been available for a few months now.

What follows is the unedited English interview, which was done by email a few months ago. The one in the print magazine was, of course, translated to Finnish.

Click HERE to read the interview.

We hope it's of some interest to our visitors and contributors who wonder about the origins of the site, its current situation, and, to a certain extent, its future... Enjoy.


Link For our Finnish visitors / 2005-09-23 21:46

Greetings to all the metalhead Finns out there!

This summer, we (HellBlazer and I) had the honour of being interviewed by the Finnish metal magazine Miasma. The issue featuring the interview will be released in mid-October.

Click here to see a preview of the featured article.

This is the second time we have been interviewed, the first time by Cheryl of the alas defunct We want to thank Miasma Magazine for their interest in the Encyclopaedia Metallum and we hope this will be an interesting read for our Finnish visitors.


Link Enough is enough. / 2005-09-11 00:05

Dear Encyclopaedia Metallum members,

Please stop submitting -core bands. Please.

The Management


Link Site problems / 2005-07-29 10:13

Good morning everyone,

I'm sure you all realized the site has been very, very screwy lately. I'll try to explain what happened to the best of my knowledge (explanations from my host were limited despite my numerous inquiries).

After all the MAX_CONNECTIONS errors were getting out of hand, our host moved us to a new, more powerful server. In the process they managed to restore only an incomplete database, missing quite a few tables (including the User accounts and Reviews). The board was unaffected, since all the tables for it were fine.

So after I yelled at them about this, they restored it back fully - but instead of restoring the missing tables only they loaded EVERYTHING, including the forums, thus overwriting everything that had been posted on the board in the meantime.

But the host decided to limit our bandwidth "for testing", and they would "remove it shortly", causing us 24+ hours (hah, shortly) of excessive slowness. I inquired (at least three times) how long this would last and received no reply.

Then, the next thing I know yesterday evening, they overwrote the database content AGAIN, using the INCOMPLETE ONE. Why they did this is beyond me, I have not received any decent explanation about it. So not only were all the posts made in between both database copies gone, but the reviews and such were still not back up, causing a lot of errors. I preferred to shut down the site with the short message instead of having a messed up buggy one, I'm sure you understand why.

I have then sent a nasty message about this, demanding a refund, but so far, no official reply. I did, however, speak with the lead staff this morning on MSN about this. He restored the database again, and now it seems to run fine. Of course, once again the forum posts are overwritten, but there's nothing that can be done about that at this point, so you'll have to live with it.

I don't know for how long this site will be stable, but I was told they would monitor it carefully. Let's hope this is the last of our problems, at least for a while. *knocks on wood*

We're very sorry for all the problems and downtime. Unfortunately it was all beyond our control. We have received a lot of complaints by email, and we can't answer them all, so instead I posted this and I hope it clears up some confusion. Keep in mind that the traffic for Metal Archives is HUGE, and seemingly keeps on growing, which might account for those problems. If it was more affordable we'd look into going on a dedicated server, but our options are limited at this time.

Thanks for your comprehension, and enjoy the site once again - for now.


Link Domain name / 2005-07-24 02:57

Some of you saw this message earlier:

"This site is currently unavailable.
If you are the owner of this site, please contact us at 1-480-624-2515 at your earliest convenience."

Or perhaps you saw a "coming soon" message.

There was a problem with the renewal of the domain name, but if you read this it means the DNS cache cleared. So for anyone wondering what happened, it wasn't due to our host or server problems, but just issues with the domain name registration.

Hope this clears any mystery.


Link For the 1232543th time... / 2005-05-12 23:04

To whom it may concern,

Please stop submitting bands who do not have a discography. If the band has not released anything, even if it's recorded, even if it's coming out real soon, even if it's coming out tomorrow, don't submit it.

It's preferable to add at least one release to the discography before completing the submission, but a link to a website with significant evidence of the band's discography may work. On the other hand, make sure this link is valid, and note that any submission with neither a release nor a link is systematically rejected. So if you screwed up in your submission or if your browser fucked up and you could not complete it, don't panic, just locate your band in the submission queue and report the information that didn't make it through the first time.

I am not saying anything new here, just a reminder of our rules. It's not hard to read the rules, people. If you don't read them, you will have wasted your time because your submission will be rejected, and you will have alienated the staff. You will also alienate other users who do respect the rules and have to wait longer for the queue to get processed.


PS: This, of course, does not apply to every member. Many thanks to those who use the submission feature correctly, this message is not addressed to you.


Link Metal Archives Firefox Search Plugin! / 2005-02-24 13:50

Good news to the Mozilla Firefox users! (If you aren't, I strongly recommend you become one, it beats the shit out of any Internet Explorer version. Trust me, you will never go back. Unless you suck.) A very cool guy (many thanks, omen!) created a Search Plugin for Metal Archives. Which means that once you install it and restart your browser, your little search toolbar in the top right corner of your window will allow you to search bands directly to Metal Archives from anywhere.

Unfortunately, because of our lousy frame (we're working on getting rid of it for something better...), the left menu will not appear, only the band page - or search results, if there is more than one match. But it's still a nifty feature for quickly accessing band information or discography.

You can download and install the plugin at this website (pops a new window). You can choose to install it automatically or manually. Also, for our Norwegian users, there are other search plugins available for some Norwegian websites, in case anyone is interested.


Addendum 2005/10/02: I was told there are many more search plugins to be found here. Interesting.


Link Please, part deux... / 2005-02-10 17:16


Read the rules. It's not allowed, period. Also goes for worthless re-releases, V.A compilations, unreleased albums and the likes. Just don't do it. If you don't know the tracklisting do NOT add the album!

I posted a similar message nearly a year ago but it's still happening. If you want your reports to be processed faster and if you want the band queue to stay open more frequently, all you have to do is read and follow the rules. It makes our job much easier. For those of you who already do follow our rules, well you know who to blame.

Please realize that we log the user and timestamp for every release that gets added in the database, so we know who does what. And we systematically ban people who fail to follow those rules. You add a bootleg, you get banned. You add an album with uncertain or incomplete tracklisting, you get banned.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Link Search is back. / 2005-01-31 19:02

I put back the missing file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Link Quick search is down. / 2005-01-31 14:12

Sorry about that, a mistake on my part. It will be back up later today (at around 17h30-18h00 EST). For now, use the advanced search or the "Browse" list.


Link Problem fixed. / 2004-12-31 06:08

The host has fixed the problem described below, very quickly for a change. ;)

I apologize for the inconvenience this bug caused. Everything should be fine now.


Link Database errors: please read / 2004-12-31 05:58

Some of you are probably getting tons of database errors at the moment. It's because a PHP setting has been changed without warning by our host, which broke several scripts.

Please be patient and withhold any update or submission until the host fixes the problem. I will post a message when it will be so.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Link Kvlt Kiddies / 2004-11-13 21:33

A disturbingly frequent occurence lately is about people in bands who contact us or our staff to delete their band(s) from the Encyclopaedia.
The reasons rarely vary; it's invariably because these people want to be so damn tr00 and "underground" that they try to wipe out their existence from the Internet (although we had one exception of one person who was actually embarassed by his bands...). Sorry kids, but you do not have a copyright on information, and you cannot stop people from talking about you on forums and being listed on various websites. If there are mistakes in your page(s), we will gladly correct them, but we won't delete them just to satisfy a petty whim.

Here's a tip: if you don't want to be known (on the Internet or otherwise), don't record music. Don't release it publically. At best, record your ultra-kvlt demo tape and give it to the penguins - I'm sure they won't remove necro underground points by spreading information on the Internet about you.

The FAQ has been updated in this regard. From now on, we will direct anyone who makes such a frivolous request to the FAQ.


Link ATTENTION HOTMAIL USERS / 2004-11-07 17:35

We frequently receive emails from people who try to register with Hotmail and don't appear to receive the confirmation email to complete their registration.

I'm not sure if Hotmail filters our automatic emails as junk or what, but we would like to suggest two things:
1) Avoid using Hotmail addresses, as they seem problematic (note that this is only a recent occurrence, as we have plenty of users who registered with Hotmail before);
2) If 1) is really not possible, make SURE you check your bulk mail folder for the activation email (should be listed as being from "Encyclopaedia Metallum"), as chances are that's where it is.

Note that there should be little to no delay between your registration and the sending of the email; as soon as you sign up, within a few minutes the email should appear in your Inbox (unless Hotmail, or our own site, suffer from server problem; then it might take longer). If it doesn't, check the bulk/junk mail.

If you still have problems, try to use a different email address. We have been doing manual activations so far but we keep getting new ones everyday and it's just getting a hassle.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Link Reports / 2004-09-26 19:20

I have received complaints from the moderating staff that some people keep on reporting the same problem more than once.

Not only is the lack of respect for the priority rule disturbingly frequent, but reporting more than once the same problem does *not* help us. Keep in mind that as I type this, there are nearly 500 reported bands (for approved bands, that does not even count the flagged pending bands) in the queue - add the several misplaced priorities, and it takes time for us to get to the error you reported. That does not mean we deleted it, and even if we did (usually because it's wrong or pointless), re-submitting it will only alienate us further.

Reports are there to help make this site better and more accurate. However, it seems this feature is getting even more abuse than the band submissions. Please consider this, and just try to imagine what it's like for a moderator to see three times the same report submitted at a few days interval. Just have patience, lest we lose ours.



Link POINTLESS CHANGES / 2004-08-28 16:16

Okay, this has gone long enough. From now on, anyone caught making worthless updates on band logos and photos will lose a significant amount of points. Repeat offenders will be DURSTED.
There is NO NEED to constantly switch back and forth between the logos or photos for some established bands such as Burzum, Slayer, Anthrax, Nokturnal Mortum, or whatever. The ONLY acceptable reason for such updates are if the image in place is of truly poor quality.

Usually the most recent image is the best option, but if a suitable, older one is already in place, which best represents the band, THERE IS NO NEED TO CHANGE IT. Doing so will be considered point whoring, and will not be tolerated. And yes, we will catch you, make no mistake about it. We appreciate all forms of valid contributions, but this is not one of them - it's useless, frustrating to the other members and the visitors and the moderators, and wastes our bandwidth (since every time a new image is uploaded, bandwidth is consumed), which is already tower-high.

Please use some common sense. Because if the problem continues, I will have to lock any form of image update and only moderators will be able to change them. I truly do not want to do that, as some image updates ARE legitimate, but leave Varg's picture alone already!


Link Calling all Veteran contributors / 2004-06-05 23:58

It seems that recently, Myrrthronth and Century Media updated their site structure, and most of our external links to these sites are broken.
It would be very nifty if the Veterans with too much free time (I know there are many of you ;) ) would hunt down the broken links and update them (NOT delete them, unless it's really completely gone from the original site). I've fixed the few I've encountered so far, but I'm sure there are others, as we have many bands listed on Century Media and Myrrthronth.



Link AOL part deux / 2004-05-13 16:56

Forgot one thing: I was recently informed that the AOL problem has been solved. At least one person using AOL told me he received a notification email, so the problem seems to be fixed.

On the other hand, if any AOLer still has problems receiving notification or registration emails, let me know so that I can at least put a disclaimer or warning for the others.

Of course, it would just be ideal if everyone stopped using GayOHell... :P


Link Re-releases / 2004-05-13 16:53

There is a point I need to make that seem to elude many of you.

The rule about re-released albums are very clear, yet it's still often broken, sadly. On the other hand, something that people seem to misunderstand even more, is that re-releases of Video/VHS on DVD are ALSO not permitted, unless the DVD has a truckload of new special additional features that could make it as a stand-alone release.
For example, I recently deleted the "Sacred Hearts" DVD for Dio, because it was already there as a VHS. The DVD re-release info should only be on the additional notes of the initial VHS.

Thank you for respecting this rule.


Link Please... / 2004-04-29 17:54


Read the rules. It's not allowed, period. Also goes for worthless re-releases. Just don't do it.


Link Attention AOLers / 2004-04-24 23:05

It seems that some idiots reported our domain to AOL as being spammers - why anyone would file a spam complaint against us is anyone's guess, as we don't even run a newsletter service nor do we send any unsolicitated bulk emails - therefore, AOL blocks all emails sent from the domain. If we try to send an email to someone on AOL, or to reply to an email sent to us from someone on AOL, it bounces back to us.

This also includes the automatic emails sent by our scripts, such as the confirmation email upon registration, or the optional email notifications regarding the status of submissions. In other words, you won't be able to register to our site if you use AOL, nor will we be able to contact you. We receive your messages, but cannot even reply to them!

We requested a feedback loop so that AOL fixes the problem, but if they keep on blocking us there is little else we can do. I don't know whose fault it is, but apparently AOL thinks we're spammers and is blocking us. Well then, fuck them, and to all the AOL users - just use a better provider anyway, it's for your own good. ;)


Link How come I lost X point? / 2004-03-16 21:33

Ok people, STOP sending me e-mails asking why you lost points, I HAVE NO CLUE. There are many mods on the site, and I have no way of knowing what they do or why. If you lost a large number of points, it's most likely Boris' fault anyway.

If you really need to know and are not afraid of public ridicule, go ask on the suggestions and complaints board, that will at least provide some entertainment.

The FAQ has been updated regarding this.


Link Reports... / 2004-03-10 21:54

Well, as some of you most likely noticed, a feature for the reports has been implemented, allowing the member to select a priority level for reporting the mistake / info to fix, in order to facilitate the moderators' task.

Unfortunately, that feature seems to have been an utter failure. Even though we have been very explicit in asking the members to be reasonable in selecting the priority levels, WAY too many of you still select the highest priority for nitpicky, worthless, or otherwise unimportant data. Why? For fuck's sake, is it that hard to read a couple of guidelines and follow them?

The purpose of the priority is not so that you can try to get *your* flagged band looked at before the others, but to sort the flags for the moderators - right now there are around 50 reports for the active bands only, and the list was much larger only a few minutes ago (as I just checked a whole bunch of them).

We're going to start taking action against members who are too fucking dumb to read very simple and explicit guidelines. I mean, if the mistake you wish to report isn't cited among the examples, then a misunderstanding can occur, but most of the time it was something explicitly listed as LOW priority being reported as high priority - why?

Fortunately not every member is clueless, and some have been very helpful - we thank you. The others, wake up, or we'll just start ignoring you, or (gasp) downgrade your score.

Thank you for understanding and making our job easier.