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Wolfsvuur Records

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Black Metal
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Parent label of Schaduw Records, a small label dedicated to releasing dark ritualistic ambient/noise, mostly in tape format, and only in very limited quantity.

Releases not listed in the archives:

WOLF002 Kingdom of Agony (fin) - Signs of Life: None CD-R (2008, 300x)
WOLF004 Kingdom of Agony (fin) - Signs of Life: None TAPE (2007, 100x)
WOLF006 Aegrus (fin) - Unholy Invocations TAPE (2007, 66x)
WOLF011 Rapture Messiah (mex) - Sodomized in the Cross TAPE (2007, 66x)
WOLF024 Norns (fin) - In Fog they Appear TAPE (2008, 150x)
WOLF025 Myrkvidr (fin) - Lihan Teologia TAPE (2007, 66x)
WOLF027 Entsetzlich (aus) - Forest of Despair TAPE (2008, 99x)
WOLF028 Sepulchral Cries (dnk) - Misery Exhibits TAPE (2008, 166x)
WOLF029 Azgeroth (mex) - The Grim Reign of Belzebu TAPE (2008, 250x)
WOLF038 Nadiwrath (gre) - s/t TAPE (2008, 166x)
WOLF041 Nattfog (fin) - Demo 2008 TAPE (2008, 150x + Repress)
WOLF044 Daemonlust (fin) - DemoN TAPE (2008, 50x)
WOLF060 Wolfsduister (hol) - Zwarte Magie TAPE (2009, 16x)
WOLF062 Rautarutto (fin) - Monument of Despair TAPE (2009, 111x)
WOLF066 NLBM Compilatie - Nederlandsch Zwart Metaal CD-R (2009, 66x in sleeve)
WOLF066 NLBM Compilatie - Nederlandsch Zwart Metaal TAPE (2009, 66x)
WOLF065 Goathammer (fin) - Demo Anno Jew 2006 TAPE (2009, 100x)
WOLF070 Wolfsduister (hol) - Altaar TAPE (2009, 16x)
WOLF078 Sadokist (fin) - Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal TAPE (2009, 150x)
WOLF108 Seeth (usa) - s/t TAPE (2012, 20x)
WOLF110 Geistzeremonie / M.Y.S.T. (hol/mex) - Split TAPE (2012, 20x)
WOLF111 M.Y.S.T. (mex) - The Night is Ours (That's What Nobody Knows) TAPE (2012, 50x)
WOLF115 Arcanticus (mex) - Howls, Laments and Shadows TAPE (2012, 70x)

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