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Violent Journey Records

Parkkilantie 227
Pudasjärvi, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
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Punk, Hardcore, Metal
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Independent label owned by Vesa Ruokangas. Started in 1987 with non-periodical compilation releases. Regular activity since 2007. Stopped activity in September 2014. Reactivate (but digital only) in June 2020.


Additional discography:

VJR001: Various Artists - "Welcome to My Sacrifice... Tonight There'll Be No Love", CS, 1987 (Limited to ? copies)

Airdash "No Vacance", "Blow Under Belt" / National Napalm Syndicate "Werewolf the Obsession", "Ante Mortem", "After the Fall of N.W." / Sancta "Intro (Life Beyond Lies) / Groo", "Soldiers (F.T.D.)") / Pestilence "Raped as Death", "Scream for Terror" / Mortal Decay "Stillborn", "Death Struggle" / A.R.G. "Story of Andrew Pike", "Cry Hymn", "Rämbyzz Rämbyzz (We Like S.O.D.)", "Skinwolf the Obsession", "Fuck Fast", "Save the Jungles" / P.S.D. "After the End (of Total Devastation)", "No AIDS in Paradise", "Jesus the Pusher", "Tales of Tepe (T.O.T.S.)", "Suicide (Fuck Up)", "Piippolan Sakke", "Slambang!', "Young Boy"

VJR002: Various Artists - "Revenge of Unbelievers", CS, 1988 (Limited to ? copies)

Maple Cross "Poseidon" / Necromancer "Rabid Fire", "Malicious Death" / Agonia "Confession", "Evil Is Here" / Lycantrophy "Kill for Me" / Metallic Toaster "Die in the Mangle" / E.S.D. "AIDS Kills", "Spiritus Fortus" / Cryptic "Martyrs of Insanity" / H.F.E. "Permission to Sorrow" / Lucifer "Spastik Child of Hell", "Plexus Sexus" / National Napalm Syndicate "Pain of Pleasure", "Final Gathering".

VJR003: Various Artists - "Hiljainen huuto", CS, 1993 (feat. punk bands. Limited to ? copies)

VJR004: Various Artists - "Demonstration of Penetration", CD-R, 2004 (Limited to 100 copies)

Pedro Anthares Group "Premansion of Hell" / Spirit Disease "Sadistic Belated Abortion" / Nailgunner "On Deadly Ground" / Malicious Death "Antichrist" / Stillburned "Get Dead" / Codeon "Backstabbers' Parade" / Nowen "What Shall Born It Will Die" / Source of Demise "79!" / Wounds "Violent Warfare" / Death Thrashers Kuopio "Sodoma's Perversion" / Azure "Demon I?" / Mental Terror "MetalDarknessEvil" / Hellbox "Cold Dead" / Crystalic "Soulstabbed" / Devilry "Vengeance Unfolds" / Funeral Feast "Suicide ad Nauseam" / Incise "Parasite" / Luciferase "Bitter Hopes" / Panzerkvlt "Blind Hate Unleashed" / Pyöveli "Tribute to Suffer" / Zombie Vomit "Vomitormentor" / WRTX "Psychopatic Superbitch" / Ruttolapset "Abeyance" / Diesense "Cry, Regret & Die" / Cardiant "Already Known".

VJR005: Various Artists - "Miasma CD Vol. I", CD, 2005 (Limited to 4000 copies. Collaboration with Miasma Magazine and Heldorado)

Mind-A-Stray "Sign of Victory" / Dead Shape Figure "The Wicked" / Widescreen Mode "Everlasting Bomb" / Hateform "Won't Kneel" / Bloodsoul "Monumental Massacre" / Reprisal Scars "Angels Die" / Hatetrend "Weak" / Sightless "Sell Your Messiah" / Sacrament "Godlike" / Dead Samaritan "Bleeding Ground" / Dienecia "Raping My Mind" / Thy Legacy "Reverse Exorcism" / Teardown "Stolen by Sorrow" / G.O.R.E. "5:1" / Rotten Faces "Mechanics" / Hellbox "Hornahead" / Rajavyöhyke "Haavat" / The Lust I Seek "Crowned in Damnation".

VJR006: Various Artists - "Miasma CD Vol. II", CD, 2005 (Limited to 4000 copies. Collaboration with Miasma Magazine and Heldorado)

Nowen "Illusions" / Iconofear "For the Dead" / Empyrean Bane "Divine Puppetry" / D Creation "As I Say" / Wrathage "Sadicum" / Mortyfear "Revelation at the Dawn" / Re-Pulse "Far Away from Here" / Exit Wounds "Dehumanizing Process" / Deicell "Turmoil Symphony" / Surma "Tuhometalli" / Autere "Begone XVIII" / Kivimetsän Druidi "Veljet" / Carnal Creation "Yet External Exploration" / Revel in Flesh "Interior Wounds" / Khoul "Hyperkiller Deathmachine" / Aberrant Vascular "Meisekiyume" / Infernal "Defiant" / Devilhorn "Bastard God of Heaven"

VJR007: Various Artists - "Miasma CD Vol. III", CD, 2005 (Limited to 4000 copies. Collaboration with Miasma Magazine and Heldorado)

Satanic Warmaster "Eaten by Rats (Fuck Off Version)" / Astrayed "Life Is Done With Me" / Karelian Warcry "Minun Aikani" / Argath "Societatis Draconistrarum" / Caldwell "Memories of War" / Ablaze in Hatred "When Tthe Blackened Candles Shine" / Blood-Stained "Hollow Display of Chaos" / Worth the Pain "Down the Drain" / Tacere "I Devour" / Re-Armed "The Eyes That Have Seen Everything" / Stillburned "This Is Going to Hurt" / Lowmen "Evil Ego" / Witheria "Spiral of Madness" / Systole "Love of Sorrow / Spirit Disease "Defenceless Prey" / Amession "Obsession" / Cremated "Mental Imprisonment" / Insert Remedy "Where All Roads Lead To".

VJR008: Various Artists - "Demonstration of Penetration 2", CD-R, 2006 (Limited to 100 copies)

Black Holiday "Decapitation by Mastication" / Chaos Creation "Total Thrasing Dreamstate" / Cyphosis "Black" / Dead Shape Figure "6x9" / Devilhorn "I Walk Among Them" / Fierce "Stoned to Death" / Flesh Deformation "Force Fed Lice" / Goresoaked "Coprounnal Eucharistia" / Hebosagil "From Flesh to Meat" / Hellwitch "Opiatic Luminance" / Infiltrator "Killed with Rage" / Insane Inside "Dying for the Revelation" / Lie in Ruins "Skinstripper" / Orgone "Straight to Hell" / Polluted "Twisted Tormentor" / Rebel .357 "Black Wheels" / Sargo Fvck "Aching Warhead" / Spirit Disease "Delusions of Grandeur" / Stench of Decay "Souls of Possession" / Synapticide "Blood Lust Exculsite" / Vektor "Oblivion" / Witheria "Thrash the Place" / Ydin "No. 1 (pt 2)".

VJR009: Various Artists - "Spiritual Possessions", CD, 2007 (Limited to 3000 copies. Collaboration with Miasma Magazine)

Adastra "Adastra" / Chaos Creation "Obsessive Submissive" / Force Majeure "I Hear Voices (Unmastered)" / Antarktis Utopia "The Shape of Things to Come" / Millenia "Broken Kingdom" / Madness Co.. "The Unhuman" / My Funeral "Hollow Moment" / Soulwound "Veins" / Beautiful Betrayal "A Step from the Dark" / Chaosweaver "Horned Serpent" / 4.6 "Turn to Dust" / Satorium "Whispering Voices" / Lie in Ruins "Crawling Towards the End" / Swath "Slightly Inconvenient" / Botnia "Enkeli" / Synestesia "Uhrimieli" / Paha "Misantropia" / Thraciar "Scars" / Joukkomurha "Satan Fukk" / Vulnerable Corpse "Sabotage" / Armour "Heavy Metal Drinkers".

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