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Victory by Fire Records

Delft, Zuid, Holland
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Black Metal, Death Metal
Founding date :
December 2009
Parent label:
Ziekte Records
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Victory By Fire Records was a Dutch record label based in Delft, Zuid, Holland. It was founded in December 2009 by Dennis Schouwenburg, who was also the owner of the death metal record label Ziekte Records (active since December 2008). Schouwenburg originally founded Victory By Fire Records as a sub-label of Ziekte Records, in order to release satanic raw black metal music. Over time however, Ziekte Records opened up its genre limitation and often released black metal as well.

In early 2010, Victory By Fire Records co-released several albums with Meppel, Drenthe-based Dutch black metal and dark ambient record label Svartgalgh Records (itself active since February 2008). This led to a friendship between Schouwenburg and Svartglagh Records' owner Patrick Uiterweerd, who was already thinking of folding Svartglagh Records (Uiterweerd operated a total of nine different record labels and a distribution company). On August 4, 2010, for Schouwenburg's birthday, Uiterweerd gifted Svartglagh Records to Schouwenburg. Schouwenburg then merged Victory By Fire Records into Svartgalgh Records and continued to operate the company strictly under the Svartgalgh Records name (making Svartgalgh Records a sub-label of Ziekte Records and putting the Victory By Fire Records name to rest).

Later that year, Schouwenburg also acquired Scottish record label Fall of Eden Records and merged it into Ziekte Records. In March 2011, Schouwenburg acquired another of Uiterweerd's record labels, Witte Dood Records.

In June 2011, Schouwenburg announced the restructuring of his many record labels. He reactivated Victory By Fire Records (after it was closed for nearly an entire year) and merged the operations of all of his record labels under that name, including Ziekte Records, Svartgalgh Records, Fall Of Eden Records and Witte Dood Records. The new Victory By Fire Records company released many different genres of music and flourished during the next year, but ultimately announced its closure on May 16, 2012.

Starting in early September 2012, Victory By Fire Records re-distributed its back catalog online. It was finally announced on January 18, 2013, that Victory By Fire Records was fully active once again, and introduced a new logo. The record label released some exclusive label merchandise and put out a couple of releases between April and June 2013, but it again stopped its activities in August 2013. The last activity was the selling of its back catalog on eBay in October 2013.

Schouwenburg now operates a promotion agency named Absolute Hell.

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