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Underground Express

United States
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Cleveland Metal
Founding date :
Rabid Roger Productions
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Compilation Releases:
1989 - "Convicted To The Avant Garde" - UE01
1990 (Nov. 30) - "Distant Thunder: Sounds Of The Cleveland Metal Storm" UE10

Started by Heavy Metal enthusiasts and Radio Hosts Roger Ganley and Stella Cultrona Salamone (RIP) in in 1987, further building on the foundation of Roger's "Rabid Roger Productions" (who released Severe Warning's debut cassette). Briefly went by the name YNot Productions before permanently taking the name Underground Express in 1989. The purpose of Underground Express was the promote, distribute, and spread the music of talented independent artists in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio's flourishing Heavy Metal scene of the era. Worked along side Auburn Records, CORR (the Cleveland Organization Of Real Rock), Heavy Metal Demolition (Local Metal zine that focused on Cleveland Metal) to get Cleveland Metal bands more radio play, and more, bigger shows, to help bands fund and release their demos (many came to fruition in the "Underground Express Demo Series") and just generally to get talented independent artists the wider recognition that they deserved.

Roger and Stella, aside from hosting their own radio shows and running UE, also contributed to and worked with several local Cleveland Metal zine's, most importantly Wendy Cywinski & Kat George's "Heavy Metal Demolition", Craig Bobby's "The Iron Planet", & Roger & Stella's own "The Ohio Special". They also worked with CORR (Cleveland Organization Of Real Rock) in several fund-raising events and benefit concerts to raise money for the greater benefit of Cleveland Metal. International exposure started to grow as well, and by the time of their first Cleveland Metal Compilation "Convicted To The Avant Garde", orders for hundreds of copies started to come in from Japan alone (promoted extensively by Japanese Metal zine FETU), and from all around Europe. The bands also started receiving letters from around the world with the success of these two compilations. Although many of the projects disbanded without more then demo tapes, many of the artists went on to become very well-known in the music community around the world, and due to popular demand many late 80s-early 90s Cleveland bands that never made a debut album are reuniting and recording, playing shows in Europe, and releasing their past demo-catalogs internationally for the first time.

Stella Cultrona Salamone passed away unexpectedly on October 27th 2010.


Also released approximately 20-25 demo tapes from local Cleveland bands, in what was dubbed The Underground Express Demo Series. Many of these are extremely hard to find today, but some tapes on this series that have yet to be added to the Archives are...
Malachi - Malachi (Demo 1990)
Tilt - Tilt (Demo 1989) (pre-Max Panic)
A.K.A. - Music To Beat Your Kids To (Demo 1989)
Roadies Nightmare - Demo 1990

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