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Tryzna Production

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Black Metal, Ambient
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No bands are currently signed on Tryzna Production.
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From the official site: "Tryzna Production started in the year 2008 and stopped issuing records in a physical format in 2019. Since then it has focussed solely on releasing digital versions of Slovak black and death metal albums. With this site we aim to give an insight into the Slovak black metal scene. All our music is downloadable for free or for voluntary contribution."

Run by Odolen and Nocturnal.
Official distribution for Eastside from 2013 to 2014.
Official distribution for Necroeucharist Productions since 2022.

Additional releases:

  • TR04 Korium split Evil - Smutne Tiene Do Dolin Schadzaju/Empty Graves (MC limited to 300pc). Released in cooperation with Suicide Taste Productions in 2011.
  • TR05 A Tribute to Emperor - In Honour of Icon E (CD Featuring bands: Taake, Helheim, Troll, Kenneth "Destroyer" Svartalv, Horna, Setherial, Demonical, Crionics, Saltus, Mesmerized, Necrodeath, Midnight Odyssey, Silva Nigra, Infer, Ancestral Volkhves, Karpathia). Released in cooperation with Metal Swamp in 2012. CD limited to 3000pc.
  • TR07 Slovak Metal Compilation (CD Featuring bands: Amorbital, Aeon Winds, Concubia Nocte, Evil, Ancestral Volkhves, Depresy, Dementor, Dehydrated, Apoplexy, Algor, Skon, Ravenarium, Mystic Death, Infer, Cult of Fire). Released in October 2013, distributed by Hate Meditation and Morbid Abomination Zine. CD limited to 500pc.
  • TR09 Aeon Winds - Legacy of the Unconquered Sun (CD limited to 100pc). Released in cooperation with Unholy Pagan Fire in 2018.
  • TR10 Grave of Fire, Seal of Stars (CD Featuring bands: Saltus, Kairos, SHE, Aeon Winds, Concubia Nocte, Ancestral Volkhves, Krajiny Hmly, Cresset). Released in cooperation with Purity Through Fire, Asgard Hass Productions & Eastside in 2019. CD limited to 500pc. Album was dedicated to Samuel Samos who owned the graphical studio known as Folkingrimm Art.
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