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Supernal Music

P. O. Box 1107
Shamley Green
Surrey, England GU5 0WJ
United Kingdom
Phone number:
+44 (0)1483 542927
Specialised in:
Black Metal
Founding date :
Black Metal Records, Conquistador Records
Online shopping:


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Owned and run by Alex Kurtagić.

Although the label has released albums by Hate Forest, Capricornus and Sunwheel (among others), it has stated that it is not an NSBM label.

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Company History

Supernal Music was founded in 1996 by a long-time fan and collector of extreme Metal who saw the need for a fast, cheap, reliable, and comprehensive mail order service in the U.K..

As there was no venture capital involved, the operation was fairly modest in its beginnings. We lived in a cave, and records were kept in encrypted cuneiform on tree leaves hidden inside snake pits. However, thanks to a strong work ethic, aggressive pricing policies, a dedication to customer service, and a capacity to incorporate innovative, "big business" ideas (as well as some opportune kicks in the teeth), Supernal Music quickly grew to become the preferred extreme Metal resource for many fans in the U.K..

In tandem with its better-known mail order actitivities, Supernal Music also developed a facet as a record label. Initially, the latter was solely intended as a vehicle for Mr. Kurtagic's own musical output, but the remit was soon expanded to include releases from other bands, and even a number of sub-labels.

At the beginning of 2000 Supernal Music launched the first dedicated extreme Metal online store in the United Kingdom. Unlike our competitors, we embraced ecommerce in full, and did not limit ourselves to having a webpage with a list. Since then, we have not stood still and continued to work hard behind the scenes in order to build upon and improve our online presence and facilities, staying always one step ahead.

At the same time, Supernal Music's own catalogue of products has continued to grow. With releases by bands which are either very innovative (THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL, FLEURETY) or very extreme (HATE FOREST, CAPRICORNUS), the label is now producing its own range of merchandise, determined to engulf the extreme Metal fanatic completely in its evil propaganda.

Supernal Music is proud of what it has achieved so far, bringing precious, obscure extreme Metal to thousands of happy enthusiasts across the country and over the world. Still, we are not complacent: our higher standards have been instrumental in raising customers' expectations from their extreme Metal supplier, which has kept us focussed on constantly continuing to improve our service.

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