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Sound Riot Records

Apartado 138
Torres Vedras, Lisboa, Portugal
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black, Death, Power, Doom Metal
Founding date :
March 1994
Online shopping:

Sound Riot Records Website    moc/sdrocertoirdnuos//ofni

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Sound Riot Records was an independent record label founded by Gilson Rodrigues and Louis Rodrigues in March 1994 in Brazil.

The company started as a small mail order service for demo tapes and 7" EPs. In the same year, CD distribution started and Sound Riot Records became the official distributor for European record labels such as Displeased Records, Osmose Productions, Misanthropy Records, Holy Records, No Fashion Records and Avantgarde Music, among others. The idea to run their own record label came during 1995 and the debut release came out in March 1996.

In March 1999, they decided move to Europe. Since then, the company is situated in Portugal and they've signed various European black, doom, death and power metal bands such as Requiem, Tristwood, Chain Collector, Excalion, Infernum and Svartsyn.

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