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Snow Wolf Records

Bowling Green, Kentucky
United States
Phone number:
Short run cassettes, CDs, and lathe cut records.
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Snow Wolf Records Website    moc/liamg//sdrocerflowwons

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Band Genre Country #
Band Album Type Year Catalog Format Description



SW-000 The Veins - Back from the Grave (2011/2019, Cassette, Digital)
SW-001 Chest Rockwell - Projector 7 (2014, 7" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-002 Chest Rockwell - Laugh and the World Laughs with You... Weep and You Weep Alone (2015, CD, Digital)
SW-003 Bihargam - Castaka (2019, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-004 Dos Cobros - Emulsifier (2018 Cassette, CD, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-005 Dos Cobros - LIve at the Five Spot (2019, 7" Vinyl Cancelled)
SW-006 Josh Hines - Mono No Aware (2019, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-007 Bihargam - VII-XI-MMXIX (2019, Cassette, Digital)
SW-008 Bass Invaders - Everybody Good Luck (2019, Cassette, Digital)
SW-009 El Astronauta - El Astronauta (2020, CD)
SW-010 Chest Rockwell - Ghost of a Man Still Alive (2020, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-011 Dos Cobros - Synesthesia (2020, Cassette, CD, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-012 Jalapeno Dynamite - Tinitus (2020 Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-013 Pimpslap - Close Enough for Rock 'n Roll (2019, CD, Digital)
SW-014 Lycopolis - Opener of the Ways (2020, Cassette, CD, 8" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-015 Mega Darling - Meowlta/There's a Keek in My Boot (2020, 8" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-016 Bihargam - Ove Tenebrae (2020, CD, Digital)
SW-017 Dos Cobros - Spittin' Some Venom in 'Em (2020, Cassette, CD, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-018 Josh Hines - Quarantunes (2020, CD, Cassette, Digital)
SW-019 Blacklight Velvets - Blacklight Velvets (2020, Cassette)
SW-020 Starer - 18° Below the Horizon (2021, CD, Digital)
SW-021 Chest Rockwell - The Existentialist (2021, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-022 Lycopolis - The Procession (2021, CD, Double 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-023 Dos Cobros - MIsadventures in Dystopia (2021, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-024 Pulsa diNura - The Misanthropy Gospels (2021, Cassette, CD)
SW-025 Chest Rockwell/The Hungry Ears - Live (2020, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-026 The Mexican Hat Dance - More Southern Than You (2020, Cassette, Digital)
SW-027 Jalapeno Dynamite - The Devil's Jacket (2021, Cassette, CD, Digital)
SW-028 Fountain Square Sinners - Fountain Square Sinners (2021, Cassette, Digital)
SW-029 Clayton Crowder - Bones EP (2020, Cassette)
SW-030 Ghost Ranch - The Family Machine (2020, Cassette)
SW-031 Pimpslap - Revolution Mayhem (2019, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-032 Spectral Dance - Live an Avenging Spectre (2020, Cassette)
SW-033 Kiss Kiss Bang - Hungry, High, + Seeing Things (2021, Cassette)
SW-034 MIstral - Somnifer (2021, CD)
SW-040 Lycopolis - 40 Days Road (2020, Cassette, CD, 8" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-041 Lycopolis - Guardian (2020, Cassette, 8" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-042 Lycopolis/Of Two Lands - Split (2020, Cassette, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-069 Mega Darling - The Silent CIty (2021, Cassette, Digital)
SW-616 Skorbvstr - Sakte Fort Veldig Kraftig (2020, Cassette, CD, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
SW-666 Commnader - Throne of Blood (2019, Cassette, Digital)
SW-777 The Hungry Ears - The Essential Collection (2019, Cassette, Digital)

SW-001 Chest Rockwell - 6ix (Vinyl, Digital)
SW-025 is titled "Never Trust A Dog With A Dead Chicken In It's Mouth"
SW-034 Mistral - Somnifier is CD, Digital
SW-035 Akvan - City of Blood (Cassette, Digital)
SW-333 Snow Wolf - This Wretched Earth (CD, Cassette, Digital)

Uncatalogued Releases
Chest Rockwell - The Lost Album (Digital)
Glyph - We are None of us (Cassette, Digital)
Glyph - Unbinding Sacred Writings (Cassette, Digital)
Thumos - The end of Words (Cassette, Digital, co-released with Ritual Abuse Hysteria)
Thumos - Nothing Further Beyond (Cassette, 10" Vinyl, Digital)
Last Sadness - Emotion is Energy in Motion (Cassette, Digital)


Co-owned by Josh Hines and J.D. Minor.

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