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Skull Fucking Metal

40 ½ Greensides Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 3P6
Phone number:
Punk, Noisecore, Grindcore, Extreme Metal
Founding date :
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Skull Fucking Metal Website    moc/liamtoh//eehsrana

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Underground label and distro founded by Keegan Irvine.


Additional discography:

SFM-003: Gruuthaagy (experimental/noise from Croatia) / Bonemachine (Alexander Wieser's ambient project) - "Audible War # 2", CD-R, 2006
SFM-004: Glaukom Synod (Gabriel Skowron's electro/industrial/noise project) - "Androjungleous", Demo, CD-R, 2006
SFM-011: Cumsock (noisegrind project from Toronto, Canada) - "Cumsock",CD-R, 2013
SFM-015: B-Machina (Alexander Wieser's ambient project) - "D.N.A.", CS, 2007
SFM-016: Misfits - "Shocking Return '96", Bootleg CS, 2010
SFM-017: Norss (drone/ambient from Netherlands) / Ego Death - "Endoskopisis", CD-R, 2008
SFM-018: Mystified (drone/ambient from USA) - "Fuzz Forever", CS, 2008
SFM-021: Various Artists - "Skull the Stench", 2CD-R, 2008 (collaboration with Smell the Stench, cat. # sts-net 315)
SFM-022: Martok (neofolk from Canada) - "Hey", CS, 2008
SFM-024: Blue Shirts - "Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil, Say No Evil", CS
SFM-026: Stockfeeder - "Merciless Skull Bashing", CS
SFM-030: Death - "Live In Florida 12-31-84", Bootleg CD-R, 2011
SFM-035: Mutilator / Toxodeth - Split, Bootleg CS
SFM-036: Misfits - "Live In Argentia 07/15/2000", Bootleg CS
SFM-038: Uruk-Hai - "Felagund", CS,
SFM-039: Misfits - "Beyond Evil: Demos and Outtakes 1977-1980 & Beware and the Rest", CS
SFM-041: Guns’N’Roses - "Live In Rio 1/14/01", Bootleg CS
SFM-042: Discharge - "Live at the City Garden, New Jersey, U$A 1989", Bootleg CS
SFM-045: Satan's God - "Live Bootleg", CD-R)
SFM-046: ZZ - "The Signs That We Missed", CS
SFM-048: Mlotek - "2012 Demo", CS
SFM-050: Crucifixxx Sodomy / Douchine / Cumsock - "3-Way Split", CS
SFM-200: Blind Illusion - "NWOSFHM", Bootleg CD-R/CS

??? - Megadeth / Slayer - "The Toronto Double Cross Live Split", CS
??? - Nekrokyrpa - "Kirves Murhia Ja Kilmaa", CS
??? - The Whorehouse Massacre / Ancient Sickness - Split, CS

SFM-DVD1: Various Artists - "SFM Productions Volume 1", DVD-R

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