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Schwarzdorn Production

Patrick Kuntz
Wörbesgarten 3
65817 Eppstein-Ehlhalten
Phone number:
+49 (0)6198 / 57 68 72
Specialised in:
Black, Death, Folk Metal
Founding date :
December 2000
Online shopping:

Schwarzdorn Production Website    ed/nrodzrawhcs//ofni

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Label is owned by Patrick.

In its early days, the label was called O.B.I. Records. Due to some conflicts with another label, they were forced to change their name in 1998.
The name was changed to Mighty Castle Productions, but due to conflicts with an US-based country label with a similar name, the label had to change its name.
The label operates under the new name since December 2000.
All previous releases were asigned new catalogue IDs while keeping the original numeration.

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