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Runenstein Records

Phone number:
on hold
Specialised in:
Black Metal, Ambient
Founding date :
April 2010
Parent label:
Narbentage Produktionen
Online shopping:

Runenstein Records Website    ed/bew//sdrocer-nietsnenur

Band Genre Country
Band Genre Country #
Band Album Type Year Catalog Format Description


Not listed releases:
RR01: Uruk Hai - Angband (Metal Fortress) (Ambient/Metal)
RR10: Abismo - Outro (Em um manto morto) (Ambient)
RR12: Curse of Wotan - This World Ends (Folk/Acoustic)
RR16: Fortezza Longobarda - Infinito (Ambient)
RR20: Necrosadik - Sic luceat lux (Experimental)
RR26: S.I.R.S. - Prevarication Sick and Hypocrisy of Humanity (Ambient)
RR35: 03:18am - Drone Shit (Ambient/Drone)
RR39: Balpehor - Desolacion (Ambient)
RR40: Almófar - L'ange de la Mélancolie (Ambient)
RR45: Necrosadik - Casket of Pain (Experimental)
RR53: VA - Saarrevier (Black Metal)
RR61: Necrosadik - Addicted to Rusty Blades (Experimental)
RR62: Necrosadik/Manica - Through the Halls of Our Infinital Sickness (Experimental/Ambient)
RR69: Cold Life - Time Suicidal Visions (Black Metal/Ambient)
RR83: Fear and Aghast - Deep in the Abyss of Time (Ambient)
RR84: Nihilism - Pure Fuck Nihilism (Black Metal/Ambient)
RR90: S.I.R.S./Klver - Dysthymic Disorder (Ambient)
RR91: S.I.R.S. - Outside Border of the Degenerate Imagination (Ambient)
RR93: Against Human Plague - Demo 2012 (Black Metal/Ambient)
RR99: Nebel Misanthrop - Als der Mensch sich selbst erkannt (Post Rock/Shoegaze)
RR105: S.I.R.S. - Trapped in the Labyrinth of Time (Ambient)
RR107: Longing for Depression - Lack of Control (Black Metal/Ambient)
RR117: Spitzer Estrelares - Come a Long Way Century (Ambient)

RRCD02: Solid Grey - Pull the Strings Tighter (Gothic Rock/Darkwave)

Moredhel - Satanik Endsieg
Uruk Hai - In Durins Halls (Ambient/Metal)

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