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Regency Records

P.O. Box 279
La Cañada, California
United States
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Christian Rock/Metal
Founding date :
Online shopping:

No bands are currently signed on Regency Records.
Band Genre Country #
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Previous address:
824 North Victory, Burbank, California, 91502
Simi Valley, California, 93063

Not to be confused with the other Regency Records (from Los Angeles, CA or Torinto, ON, Canada) or Regency Music (from Nashville, TN).

Additional discography:

- California Metal Volume II, 1988: feat. Vision (Malachia), Emerald, Recon, Soldier, Judea, Mastedon, and Ransom;
- East Coast Metal, 1988: feat. Apostle, Rage of Angels, Arsenal, The Lead, Taker, Second Chance, and Believer;
- Underground Metal, 1988: feat. Björn Stigsson, Armada, Chosen Stranger, Paradox, Torn Flesh, (#invalid band link ID#), Chariot, Paragon, and Mercy Rule;
- Underground Metal 2, 1989: feat. Zion, (#invalid band link ID#), Knightriot, Image, Ironwrath, Remnant, Final Warning, Xalt, and Thresher;
- Classic Metal, 1990: feat. Mastedon, Rage of Angels, Guardian, Soldier, Deliverance, Arsenal, Believer, and The Lead.

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