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Quality Records

55 E. 59th St.
Ste. #1619
New York, NY 10022
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A sub-label of independent Toronto-based Canadian manufacturer and distributor Quality Records Limited. Also appears simply as Quality Records on some front covers.

The parent company, Quality Records Limited, pressed and distributed various US lines in Canada, entered into a partnership with the US company MGM (which terminated in 1973) and handled labels Buddah, Groove Merchant, Kama Sutra and Mercury, among others.

The company was the first in Canada to manufacture cassette and eight-track tapes. It also distributed such Canadian lines as its own Quality, Birchmount, and Celebration labels and the independent Broadland, Kanata, MWC (Music World Creations) and Reo labels. The company operated a New York office briefly in the mid-'70s.

Quality Records Limited ceased operations in 1985, selling their vinyl pressing and tape duplication operations to Cinram in November in that year. The Quality name lived on through Quality Special Products and was revived in 1990 as Quality Records, Quality Music and other variations, specializing mainly in commercial dance music.

Records pressed by Quality Records Limited can often be identified by an uppercase "Q" or "Qu" in the runouts and/or a "Q" printed on the labels. The Q on Quality pressing runouts is hand-etched, often quite small, upside-down compared to the rest of the run-out etchings, and often tucked in just where the run-out hits the locked groove.

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