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Noxious Ruin

Detroit, Michigan
United States
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Death Metal
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No bands are currently signed on Noxious Ruin.
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Independent label and magazine founded by Brian aka Skullfukker (editor of many underground magazines: Skullfukked by Ghouls, Disco Punks, Smuttycakes, Let Them Eat Cock, Fukked Up etc.)


Additional discography:

Various Artists ‎– "Noxious Ruin Magazine - Vol. 1", CS, June 2020 (free sampler with Noxious Ruins Magazine #1)

A1. Undergang - Man binder ikke et dødt menneske
A2. Phobophilic - That Which Swallowed the Sun
A3. Foul Decay - Decayed Unburied
A4. Chaotian - Festering Carcinolith
A5. Sedimentum - Momifié dans la vase
A6. Gosudar - Anathema
A7. Soul Devourment - Putrifying the Kadingir Sanctum
B1. Anatomia - Carnal Mutilation
B2. Encoffinized - Stillborn Embryonic Death
B3. Crematory Stench - Descending Into Obscurity
B4. Cryptworm - Cesspool of Perpetual Decay
B5. Torso - Demonic Vomiting
B6. Reeking - Grave Dwellar
B7. Civerous - Forms of Decrepit Brilliance/Krubera

Various Artists ‎– "Noxious Ruin Magazine - Vol. 2", CS, October 2020 (free sampler with Noxious Ruins Magazine #2)

A1. Wormridden - Swarm of the Exhumed
A2. Disrotter - Unsoundness of Mind
A3. Wharflurch - Sulphur Hell
A4. For the Pyres - Until Obedience
A5. Larvae - Doomed to Exist
A6. Obscene - Black Hole of Calcutta
A7. Some Dead Bodies - Skinwalker
B1. Cardiac Arrest - A Call for Violence
B2. Gravered - Classic Cult to Death
B3. Casket Slime - Hombre Lobo
B4. Cremented - Timeworn Furtherance
B5. Cryptic Hatred - Free from the Grave
B6. Evil Hatred - Servants of the Lake of Fire
B7. Ancient Crypts - Amorphous Symnphony of Accursed Flutes

Various Artists ‎– "Noxious Ruin Magazine - Vol. 3", CS, March 2021 (free sampler with Noxious Ruins Magazine #3)

A1. Fleshrot - Intricate Dissection
A2. Hollowed Body - Empire of the Decaying Void
A3. Mental Casket - Bury the Dark Past
A4. Guilty View - Salvation Amongst the Dead
A5. Maul - Forced Cremation
A6. Repulsive Death - Accursed to God
A7. Mortal Wound - Less Than Man
A8. Enucleacion - Horrido Deicidio
B1. Carnal Ruin - Iniquitous, Devout
B2. Noxis - Path of Visceral Fears
B3. Thorn - Iron Sharpens Iron
B4. Ruin - Suffocating the Mortal Coil
B5. Rotten Brain - The Cursed Basement
B6. Dowrr - Monuments of Flesh
B7. Seep - Boiled in Piss

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