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Northern Heritage Records

P.O. Box 21
15141 Lahti
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black Metal
Founding date :
Online shopping:

Northern Heritage Records Website    moc/dorpfc//hn

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Northern Heritage is a black metal label owned by Mikko Aspa. The distribution side is more tolerant to other styles and attitudes of metal or other underground scenes, including thrash, death, doom, industrial, etc.

Each band is responsible for their own statements, but is highly supported by Northern Heritage as a label. The label does not apologize or make excuses for ideology or content of the bands on their roster.

Northern Heritage does releases in all formats, aiming for decent yet traditional presentation and regular pricing.


Many early NH cassette releases did not have catalog numbers. Similarly, the label had a "lisenced [sic] vinyl series" which also did not have catalog numbers.

Three 'zines were also released by the label.

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