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Northern Hardcore Massacre

Pellonojantie 2 D 38
Hyvinkää, Uusimaa
Phone number:
Hardcore, Crust, Grindcore
Founding date :
October 2002
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Northern Hardcore Massacre Website    moc/oohay//ercassamerocdrahnrehtron

No bands are currently signed on Northern Hardcore Massacre.
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Independent label and distro founded by Akseli Kahra (guitarist of Lähdön Aika).


Additional discography:

NHM001: Abyss of Despair (crust from Hyvinkää, Finland) - 7" (planned but not released)
NHM002: Earth Today (crust/grind from Hyvinkää, Finland) / Positive Bastards (grindcore from Finland) - "Earth Today / Positive Bastards", 7", August 2003 (Limited to 500 copies. Collaboration with Hasselhoff Records (Vantaa, FIN, KITT-2), Hostile Regression Records (HORE-13), The Mess (Hyvinkää, FIN, MESS-001) and United Shoebrothers (Helsinki, FIN, SHOE 003)
NHM004: Lähdön Aika (crust/sludge from Hyvinkää, Finland) - "Lähdön Aika", CD, April 2004 (Limited to 500 copies)
NHM005: Scarecrow (metallic horror punk from Hyvinkää, Finland) - "La Morte Vivante", CD, December 2005 (Limited to 500 copies. Collaboration with Dead Club Records (FIN) and Devils Shitburner Records (GER, DSB018)
NHM006: Lähdön Aika / Burn Again (hardcore from Oulu, Finland) - "Split LP", 12", June 2005 (Limited to 462 copies: 344 on black vinyl, 118 on clear vinyl. Collaboration with Roku Recordss (Rovaniemi, FIN, ROKU 009), Tuska & Ahdistus Records (T&A-002), S.U.P.O. Records (Oulu, FIN, SUPO-001) and Violence (FIN, BIO-76)
NHM007: Worth the Pain (hardcore from Lappeenranta, Finland) - "Sacrifices", CD, September 2005 (Limited to 500 copies. Collaboration with On My Own Records (OMO-002)
NHM008: Drowning Nation (hardcore from Helsinki, Finland) - "Mouthful of Shit", 7", March 2006 (Limited to 500 copies. Collaboration with Ratbite Records (Helsinki, FIN, RB-001) and Wanton Records (Kouvola, FIN, WTON-995)
NHM009: Lähdön Aika - "Tuomittu", CD, June 2006 (Limited to 500 copies. Collaboration with On My Own Records (OMO-003) and Thrash and Burn (TNB019R)

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