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Nocturnal Art Productions

P.O. Box 749 Nymoen
3606 Kongsberg
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Extreme Metal
Founding date :
Parent label:
Candlelight Records
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Nocturnal Art Productions Website    on/enilno//espilce

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Nocturnal Art Productions was founded in 1994 by Samoth of Emperor / Zyklon. Throughout the years, the label built up a strong catalogue, from its early beginnings releasing such underground classics as the Emperor As the Shadows Rise 7", the Arcturus Constellation album, and Tormentor's Anno Domini. Nocturnal Art also brought forth acts such as the symphonic black metal masters Limbonic Art, and cyber-industrialists Red Harvest, and has marked itself as a long lasting independent underground label in the extreme metal scene. In 2005 Nocturnal Art Productions went into full time collaboration with Candlelight Records on a worldwide basis. The two labels had already been cooperating for several years with Candlelight licensing various Nocturnal Art titles for the North American territory. The new collaboration saw a full-on worldwide cooperation with all new Nocturnal Art titles being marketed through the Candlelight Records network

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