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Neat Records

71 High Street East
Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, England
United Kingdom
Phone number:
Heavy Metal, NWOBHM
Founding date :
Parent label:
Sanctuary Records
Metal Minded Records, Neat Metal
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Extremely influential in the rise of the NWOBHM movement in the early '80s, the label was founded by Dave Wood, and owned the Impulse Studios in Newcastle, where most of its recorded output was produced.


The label's first releases were two 7" singles, Motorway's "All I wanna be is your Romeo", and Janie McKenzie's "One and only girl". When they both bombed in terms of chart success, the label turned their attention towards the nascent NWOBHM scene.

The label office, and Impulse Studios, were over an old theater which at the time functioned as a bingo hall.

In the 80s, the label published its own promotional magazine, "Lead Weight", edited by John Tucker.

Steve Thompson was originally the resident producer at the label's Impulse Recording Studios. He was later replaced by Keith Nichol. Conrad Lant was the assistant engineer, later promoted to the label's A&R department.

Bought by Sanctuary Records in 1995. New owners began reissuing its back catalog on CD under the moniker Neat Metal.

John Tucker published "Neat & Tidy: The Story of Neat Records", chronicling the label's history.

"Neat" means "great" in everyday English.

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