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NEMS Records

3 Hill Street, London, UK.
United Kingdom
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Originally a label formed by Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises to release recording by artists it managed. In this incarnation, it ceased releasing records around 1970.

In 1972, Hemdale Group, which managed Black Sabbath, acquired NEMS Enterprises. The label was relaunched in 1975, and the majority of its catalog consisted of Black Sabbath re-issues in the UK, Japan & parts of Europe shortly after the demise of WWA Records. Occasionally distributed and marketed by RCA/Ariola, NEMS' launch in 1976 was aided by the acquisition of Immediate late-1960s catalog.

The poorly managed label disappeared shortly after the release of the U.K. Subs “Endangered Species” LP in 1983. After their close, a sizable portion their back catalog was acquired by Sanctuary Records Group’s Castle Music Reissue Label.

Throughout the mid-1970s, NEMS used a wide network labels from across to globe to manufacture and distribute their recordings. These releases bore a unique catalog number, an occasional dual imprint and a License Authorization notation on the label.

Closed in 1983.


Not to be confused with Brian Epstein’s record shops; North End Music Stores or NEMS Enterprises Management Company. Also, different label to NEMS Enterprises.

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