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Bjorn Vigridr Labsch
Humboldtstrasse 65
Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Phone number:
changed name
Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore
Founding date :
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Independent label and mailorder founded by Vigridr and Goreminister. Changed name to Nachtgnosis.


Additional discography:

N:C:U004: P.O.T. (Pioneer of Tschernobyl) (electro noise side-project of Goreminister) - "Atomic Crippled Bastards", CD-R, 2001 (Limited to ? copies)
N:C:U011: Nave (experimental metal feat. Vigridr and Goreminister) - "Light & the Wilderness Alone", CD-R, 2002 (Limited to 50 copies)
N:C:U012: Sindrome (experimental/industrial/ambient from Italy) - "Decoder/De_order // Recorder/Re_order", CD-R, 2002 (Limited to 150 copies)
N:C:U015: Various Artists - "Dreadnaught Compilation", CS, 2003 (Limited to ? copies)

A1. Manstractor "Micro Shrinked Vagina Explorer"
A2. 7th Nemesis "7th Banner"
A3. Despondency "Womb of Shit"
A4. Fuck the Facts "The Burning Side"
A5. Dissect "B. Breezer"
A6. Dissect "Jeesuslaulu"
A7. Malignant Tumour "Get to Attack"
A8. Despise "Room 101"
A9. Eternal Pain "Wrath of Raging Times"
A10. Barbarian Prophecies "Barbarian Prophecies"
A11. Barbarian Prophecies "Slaves"

B1. Go Get Him Surgeons "Apeface"
B2. Torn to Pieces "Burned Alive"
B3. M.D.K. "Apoplexia Fulminate"
B4. M.D.K. "Pestelencia"
B5. Scent of Death "Entangled in Hate"
B6. Chaos Aftermath "Clash of the Sentinels"
B7. Imperial Foeticide "The Story Continues"
B8. Agathocles "Take a Piss"
B9. Dysmorfic "Party in Rome"
B10. Jan AG "Fuck Ball"
B11. Gomorrha "Eating Dead Flesh of a Grannycunt"
B12. Deny Life "Carcerale Sodomie"
B13. Deny Life "The Ballad of Seth Putnam"

N:C:U028: ?
N:C:U031: Various Artists - "Dreadnaught Compilation II", CS, 2005 (Limited to ? copies)
N:C:U032: ?
N:C:U033: TAGEZ (dark ambient/industrial from Germany) - "Being Dysangelist & Lord of Universal Nihilism", CD, March 2005 (Limited to 300 copies)

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