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Metal Scrap Records

Kondyuk Natalia Kirimovna
Korolyova str. 2/22
47501 Berezhany
Ternopil reg.

Kondyuk Anatoliy Romanovich
p.o. box 12
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Founding date :
Another Side Records, Total Metal Records
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Metal Scrap Records Website    moc/liamg//sdrocerparcslatem

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One of the biggest independent music label in the Ukraine founded in 1993. Label involved in the release of CDs of various metal styles giving preference to such styles as: thrash, death, black & other. Metal Scrap Records has a good distributors’ grid all over the world and does not specialize in one particular style.


The roots of label Metal Scrap Records begins in 1993 as Metal Scrap Production.
The first release was Metal Scrap 'zine #1 (1994). The first audio release became the compilation "Thursday 13"€, released in 1995. The best responses in underground, at that time, got the 5th compilation "€œS.O.D.O.M. & G.O.M.O.R.R.A."€, most of critics and listeners called it’s the best on the spaces C.I.S. underground. Good responses got Metal Scrap'zine#3 (1997) burst into the five of the best zines in the CIS to that period.
The beginning of new millennium became difficult period for Metal Scrap Production. Somewhere in the middle of 2003 label stopped its activity given no official statements in the press.
2007... Metal Scrap Production reanimated with first release on CD - compilation "Eastern Storms" (2CD). The searching of prospective bands for releasing and distribution their music on CD began. In the middle of 2009 after releasing a couple albums of successful Ukrainian bands label changed its name on Metal Scrap Records.
2010 became quite productive year for Metal Scrap Records: the new sub-division of label named Total Metal Records appeared and new successful releases elevated label into the rank of leading independent underground Metal labels on the post-Soviet Union territory.
2011-2012 - company has gained the status of a metal label #1 in Ukraine, releasing the best domestic and foreign commands. Respectively each band released by label gets a good distribution and high-quality promotional support throughout the world.
In the middle of 2013 the second sub-label of Metal Scrap Records named Another Side Records appeared. At the same time an independent booking agency namely Metalurg Concert Agency joined the label and became its sub-division. Its main intent is to organize concerts and tours of promising native and foreign bands.

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